The College of Charleston 250th Anniversary Fundraising Committee seeks applications for projects that align with the theme chosen to commemorate and celebrate this momentous occasion:

History. Made. Here.


    Please answer all of the questions in this section. Please email ( supplemental information if more space is needed.
  • Project Leadership

  • Please list the name, title, and department of each faculty and staff members or other constituents on campus involved in the project.
  • Please include a statement of support from the Dean or Division leader.
  • Big Idea

  • Please enter your project title.
  • Please enter your project description. (250 words or less)
  • How does this project meet the following three baseline criteria?

  • 1. Alignment with the 250th Anniversary theme?
  • 2. What are the project’s measurable outcomes?
  • 3. What leadership support has been secured for the project?

    The questions below address additional selection criteria that will be considered in evaluating the readiness/viability of success at the College of Charleston. Answers are required for questions that are applicable to your project; however, the more thorough the answer, the better the submission can be evaluated.
  • Resource Needs

  • What resources do you need to achieve your goals? Please include cost estimates for all elements.
  • How does this project capitalize on pre-existing resources on campus?
  • What grants and funding have you already received toward this project?
  • What donors do you have in mind for the project, if applicable?
  • Campus Profile and Impact

  • How will this project transform our campus? Why do we need this project here?
  • How will this project impact the local community and region?
  • How will this project differentiate the College from its peers?
  • How will this project elevate the College’s profile?
  • Broad Appeal

  • How does this project fit into our campus culture?
  • What partners within the College community (faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers) will help execute the project?
  • How will partners help advance this project? What will they gain from being involved?
  • Student/Graduate Appeal

  • How will students advance this project? What will they gain from being involved?
  • How does this project support student growth?
  • How will this project make our graduates more competitive in the workforce?
  • How will this project enhance the value of a College of Charleston degree?