Celebrating the Past and Looking to the Future
250 Years of Creating a Global Perspective Through a Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

For the 250th anniversary of the College’s founding, the institution will celebrate its rich history and compelling future as a premier liberal arts and sciences institution.

All celebrations will be with the purpose of increasing brand awareness/recognition; engaging members of the College, the greater community and the general public; and increasing the visibility of the College.

A short-term planning task force has been formed to construct the basic approach and strategies for the 250th Celebration. The framework will employ standard project management methodology and will serve as the starting point toward developing the more comprehensive project plan. The project plans development will be iterative and will include input from other universities work and focus groups. The task force will synthesize the inputs, develop the project team structure, identify team leads and work with the team leads to determine team members. Once team leads and members are identified, the task force will phase out and yield to the project director and project teams.


  • Increase brand position of the College within the region and nation
  • Raise awareness about the Colleges history and commemorate the milestones and achievements of the College community over the last 250 years – faculty, staff, students and alumni
  • Showcase excellence and distinction in the academic and student bodies
  • Share the College’s plans for the future
  • Celebrate the College’s growth and success
  • Increase philanthropic and alumni support
  • Deepen College of Charleston pride and unify the campus
  • Create a greater sense of community in partnership the City of Charleston (which is celebrating its 350th anniversary in 2020) and expand the College network
  • Ignite pride and engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members and the community at large



  • Board of Trustees
  • faculty
  • staff
  • students
  • alumni
  • parents
  • volunteer leaders
    • Foundation Board
    • Alumni Association
    • Parent Advisory Council
    • Cougar Club


  • General public
  • Charleston community
  • prospective students/families
  • state legislature

Key Messages

  • The College of Charleston is a nationally preeminent public university deeply rooted in the liberal arts and sciences tradition, offering leading-edge programs in the arts, business, education, the humanities and social sciences, languages and science and technology and is dedicated to its public mission of advancing the regions economy, culture and future.
  • The College of Charleston has a rich history and compelling future as a liberal arts and sciences institution.
  • The College faculty and staff empower students, both undergraduate and graduate, to be engaged, ethical citizens and leaders in a global community.
  • The College faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence, high-impact experiential learning opportunities and the power of place, providing world-class instruction in a world-class setting producing world-class minds.
  • The College will achieve greatness through its student experience, which is and will continue to be what makes the College truly distinctive and nationally preeminent.
  • The College serves as the Lowcountry’s capital of intellectual inquiry and a training ground for great thinkers and problem solvers.
  • The College has a continuing tradition of excellence, which is reflected in its past and is integral to its future.
  • The College of Charleston constantly evolves and innovates so that today’s students are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to be leaders upon graduation.