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College of Charleston Photos of the Week: Retro Edition

With students and faculty finishing the spring 2020 semester online from their homes, we thought we’d fill the space and close the distance – and honor the 250th anniversary of the College’s founding – by looking at some of the people and places that have made CofC the special place it is today.

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CodC Campus Gets Refreshed for 250th Anniversary

In recognition of its 250th anniversary, the College of Charleston has undertaken $3 million in facilities improvements. Historic buildings that are part of the projects include buildings on Coming Street, College Way, Green Way and Glebe Street.

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New CofC History Website Discovers Hidden Stories

As part of the College of Charleston’s 250th anniversary, the College has launched a new website, Discovering Our Past, that seeks to tell a fuller story of the university’s long and complex history.

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CofCServes Empowers Cougars to Give Back

The College of Charleston’s 250th Community Engagement Committee, in connection with the 250th Anniversary Celebration Office, is launching CofCServes as part of the institution’s 250th anniversary celebration of the College’s founding.

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CofC Launches the Drive for the 250th

In recognition of the College of Charleston’s 250th anniversary and to continue the momentum of the institution’s inaugural CofC Day, a 24-hour day of giving, the College has launched the Drive for the 250th.

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Alumnus Makes Good With Bloody Mary Mix

For the College of Charleston’s 250th anniversary, the founder of Charleston Bloody Mary Mix, Ryan Eleuteri ’02, has set up a promotion so that for every purchase of the mix, $1 will be donated to the College of Charleston Fund.

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College of Charleston Pep Band to Debut New Fight Song

Members of the College of Charleston pep band had the opportunity to craft the lyrics to the College’s new fight song. Students Katherine Jordan, Abigayle Phillian and Aidan “Miki” Leahy rose to the top as the three main pep band members to tackle the assignment.

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CofC Day Celebrates Traditions, Sets Stage for Transformation

As part of the celebration around the College of Charleston’s 250th anniversary, on Jan. 30, 2020, the College launched CofC Day, a 24-hour giving day aimed at generating excitement and support for the institution’s future. By midnight, CofC Day had raised more than $5 million, crushing the $1 million goal.

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CofC Day: A Moment for Celebration and Reflection

As part of the CofC Day festivities, the College of Charleston hosted a series of campus activities for students, faculty and staff, culminating in the unveiling of a new South Carolina Historical Marker in advance of the ceremony celebrating the 250th anniversary in Cistern Yard.

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Top 25 CofC History Makers

As one of the oldest universities in the United States, the men and women associated with the the College of Charleston – founders, trustees, presidents, faculty members, students, graduates and donors – compose the remarkable human tapestry that is the university.

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Ten Facts from 250 Years at the College of Charleston

Check out some interesting facts from the College of Charleston’s 250 years.

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Founders' Medal Bestowed on CofC, SC Changemakers

On January 30, 2020, as we celebrate the 250th anniversary of the College’s founding, the College of Charleston will recognize three entities that have made a profound mark on the College’s history and thus helped shape its future.

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Alumnus is Leading the Way

As the College enters its 250th anniversary, Tav Swarat ’89 is adding a zero to his scholarship pledge to make it $250,000, and he is encouraging the College community to give what they can, be it $25 or $25 million.

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CofC Day Packed With Opportunities and Activities

In celebration of the 250th anniversary of its founding, the College of Charleston will hold its first-ever CofC Day event on Jan. 30, 2020. A day of giving aimed at generating excitement and support for the institution’s future, CofC Day provides students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the College with the opportunity to give back.

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College of Charleston Beer Competition Comes to a Head

It’s a pretty exciting class project to get to make your own beer, as College of Charleston students have done in the Chemistry of Alcohol since the class began three years ago. It’s even more exciting when your beer has the chance to become the College’s 250th anniversary brew.

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Theme for 250th Anniversary Announced

Amid musical fanfare from Chucktown Sound in historic Cistern Yard, College of Charleston Interim President Stephen C. Osborne ’73 on Jan. 30, 2019, unveiled the theme for the College’s upcoming 250th anniversary in 2020.

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CofC Prepares to Celebrate 250th

The College of Charleston will celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2020 with a yearlong schedule of events and projects aimed at highlighting the university’s storied and complex history while also looking ahead to its bright future under the leadership of a new president.

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